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Our production started with fully matured bananas which we obtain from the best, multi-generational plantations, all HACCP accredited and all using sustainable practices that we can also be proud of. And with our region supplying 95% of Australia’s total banana supply – you know you’re in good hands!

We then expanded our signature production to include frozen mango, pineapple, passionfruit and avocado. However, we can source any vegetables and fruits that grow in Tropical North Queensland, including strawberries, watermelon, paw paw, rockmelon, jackfruit, persimmon, pumpkin, zucchini, capsicum and more.

If there’s something YOU need, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We also supply bulk fresh fruit and vegetables including ripe or green bananas.

Why we do it better!

We hand-select our fruit. Each piece of fruit is checked for defects and optimum ripeness before it is processed. Why? To give our customers maximum flavour and sweetness. We also hand peel our bananas and mangoes and our pineapples are always cut by hand.

Machine-peeled bananas need to be reasonably hard in order for the machine to function properly, resulting in unripe bananas that lack flavour and sweetness.

Manual processing means human eyes check each piece of fruit for optimum quality and ripeness, whether for juicing, pureeing, pulping or chunks. Careful hand-peeling also avoids the possibility of skin being packed with the fruit.

Being close to local farms, we are able to access ripe, mature fruit ready for freezing so that our customers enjoy the very best flavours and sweetness.

When we’re better… you’re better! Together we ensure your customers are always happy…always satisfied!

Who uses our products?

Our quality products are sought after by manufacturers, food service distributors, wholesalers, franchisers, retailers, restaurants and cafes.

We prepare our frozen fruit in a variety of ways - whole, chunk, diced, pureed, pulped or juiced - to meet a wide range of needs and uses.

Our frozen fruits are used in ice cream, yoghurts, smoothies, juices, brewery processes, desserts, cakes, banana bread, fruit salads and more!

Our customers enjoy the convenience of seasonal fruit all year round!

From commercial food production through to restaurants, cafes or your very own kitchen, our process and the quality of our products never alters.

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