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A quick and easy way to clean and refresh your pooch after walks and between baths.

    Anti-Odour Dog Spritz (Spray)

    This natural deodorising dog odour spray is a specially formulated product which eliminates pet and dog odours quickly. It has a lovely sweet smelling fragrance which works fast to help ensure your special pet continues smelling fresh and clean in between baths.

    6.75 fl. oz. 200 ml 

    Wholesale Price: €6.89

    Puppy No-Tears Spritz

    This natural deodorising spritz eliminates pet odour between baths and re-moisturises the skin and coat. It promotes a healthy shine and leaves the coat soft without an oily finish. It’s refreshing papaya scent deodorises while Aloe extracts help to condition, rehydrate and soothe the skin.

    5.00 fl. oz. 150 ml 

    Wholesale Price: €6.99