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These products are ultra mild to suit a puppy’s delicate skin. They are safe to use on puppies over six weeks old.

    Puppy No-Tears Spritz

    This natural deodorising spritz eliminates pet odour between baths and re-moisturises the skin and coat. It promotes a healthy shine and leaves the coat soft without an oily finish. It’s refreshing papaya scent deodorises while Aloe extracts help to condition, rehydrate and soothe the skin.

    5.00 fl. oz. 150 ml 

    Wholesale Price: €6.99

    Puppy Gift Pack

    This pack contains 3 products designed specifically for the delicate skin of a puppy. A lovely gift for a new puppy or young dog containing shampoo, spritz and a soft brush. This pack is safe for all dogs over 6 weeks old. 98% NATURAL

    shampoo 150ml, spritz 75ml 

    Wholesale Price: €12.99
  • Puppy No -Tears Shampoo

    Puppy No -Tears Shampoo

    This ultra mild cleansing treatment is formulated especially for young, delicate skin. It is pH-balanced to mimic that of a puppy’s skin. The formula contains Yucca, a natural foaming ingredient that is blended with Aloe extracts and fresh Papaya essence. 98% NATURAL

    6.75 fl. oz. 200 ml 

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    Wholesale Price: €7.99