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Anti-Odour Dog Spritz (Spray)

This natural deodorising dog odour spray is a specially formulated product which eliminates pet and dog odours quickly. It has a lovely sweet smelling fragrance which works fast to help ensure your special pet continues smelling fresh and clean in between baths. The unique formulation eliminates and neutralizes annoying dog odours and lingering pet smells. Scientifically developed, this dog odour spray is also perfect for re-moisturising your dog’s unique skin and coat. It promotes a healthy, sparkling shine and leaves your dog’s coat soft without an oily finish. This trusted dog odour remover is the perfect remedy to eliminate bad smells using natural ingredients that are kind and gentle to your special pet.
Rosemary essential oil deodorises whilst Aloe and Basil extracts help to eliminate strong dog odours as well as rehydrating and soothing the dog’s skin. It also contains Zinc PCA, which is considered by top scientists to be one of the best skin odour absorption ingredients.
Also sulphate free and paraben free, this natural dog odour spray is ideal for your precious pet and is perfectly safe for all dogs over 6 weeks old.

6.75 fl. oz. 200 ml 


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